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Dada Test List

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Dream On

Mailing list for the Dallas-based Classic Rock band Dream On - covering all your classic rock favorites from Aerosmith to Heart, Rush, Van Halen, Journey, Led Zepplin and many more...


Dave Hineman emails upcoming events to people on this list.

J.R. Byrd

Updates and information about live performances and music releases for J.R. Byrd - Dallas-based musical performer and producer

Mailing List for Dallas-based vocalist Linda Bishop - specializing in classic rock, dance/pop, r&b and jazz.

Special Edition

Mailing List for Dallas/Ft. Worth based variety band Special Edition - specializing in dance/pop, rock, r&b, hip-hop, funk and jazz.

Suburban Legend

Mailing list for Dallas-based rock/variety band Suburban Legend

The Flavours

Updates and information on the Dallas/Ft. Worth based variety band The Flavours