Dada Mail Configurations

Global Configuration

Where's Dada Mail's Global Configuration Saved?

Dada Mail's Global Configuration can be saved currently in two places. File

The first place is in the file, located in the, dada/DADA directory of your Dada Mail. All the default global configuration variables are saved there and you can edit them to customize your Dada Mail. All the variables are well documented, do see:

The .dada_config File

We do highly suggest that you do not edit the directly, unless you need to (for, whatever reason), but use The Advanced Installation Method when you do make a new installation of Dada Mail:

How do I know if Dada Mail is configured in the file, or in the .dada_config file?

If Dada Mail is configured straight in the file, more likely than not, the following variables: $PROGRAM_ROOT_PASSWORD, $FILES, $MAILPROG and $PROGRAM_URL will be changed from their defaults, to be values that fit in with your hosting account.

If these variables are not customized for your specific installation, more likely than not, you're using the Advanced Installation Method and have your global configuration saved in the, .dada_config file.

How Do You Find the Global Configuration File?


The global configuration file (.dada_config) lives in the directory that may be set in the's variable, $PROGRAM_CONFIG_FILE_DIR. If this variable is set to, $PROGRAM_CONFIG_FILE_DIR, it's automatically being looked for, so the, $PROGRAM_CONFIG_FILE_DIR variable won't be much help.

The, Setup Information, Screen

Another way to find where the .dada_config file is located is to visit your Dada Mail, with the following query string:

Enter your Dada Mail Root Password and you should similar text to the below:

 Your  $PROGRAM_CONFIG_FILE_DIR  variable has been set to,
 Your outside configuration file is being looked for at:

In this case, your outside configuration file is located at:


I'm editing the .dada_config file, but no changes are being seen

When using our Advanced Installation:

and Semi-Auto Advanced Installation:

Methods, several oft-used global configuration variables are placed in the .dada_config file, but the are not active. To activate them, you must remove the =cut strings that are placed right before and right after the chunk of variables they're inactivating. For example:

 # start cut for plugin configs
     Mystery_Girl => { 
         # A whole bunch of stuff... 
 # end cut for plugin configs

In this case, you want to remove the following lines:

 # start cut for plugin configs


 # end cut for plugin configs

See Also

There's a ReadMe about the example outside config file (.dada_config) located in the Dada Mail distribution at:


For more technical documentation on the $PROGRAM_CONFIG_FILE_DIR variable, see the file's entry:

Setting Up Dada Mail

Can you have multiple instances of Dada Mail with one physical install?

Currently, no. Each instance of Dada Mail requires a separate installation. We hope to have this available as a feature of Dada Mail in the future.

List Settings

How do I set default values for the List Settings?


Is there a way to change the List short name?

Presently, there isn't. It's basically a global (well, to Dada Mail) unique identifier of your Mailing List, so changing it would either involving changing every single instance used, including all the logs, or, saying, the heck with the past, let's move forward and just changing the various files that refer to the List short name. Either way is messy. It's not impossible, but it's currently not easily possible with hacking about.