DADA::MailingList - Creates and Removes Dada Mail Mailing Lists



 use DADA::MailingList; 
 my $list = 'foo'; 
 # Create!
  my $ls = DADA::MailingList::Create({ list => 'mylist' }); 
 # $ls is now a DADA::MailingList::Settings object.
 # Remove!
 DADA::MailingList::Remove({ -name => 'mylist' });


This module basically either creates, or removes a list.



 my $ls = DADA::MailingList::Create({ list => 'mylist' });

Creates all the necessary files for a Dada Mailing List; $list is the list shortname of your mailing list - which itself should be no more than 16 characters and should only include letters/numbers.

It returns a DADA::MailingList::Settings object.


 DADA::MailingList::Remove({ -name => 'mylist', -delete_backups => 1});

Removes a Mailing List. the -name paramater is required. -delete_backups is optional, but when set to 1, will remove any backups of the list settings, archives or schedules.


Justin Simoni -


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