NAME DADA::MailingList::Schedules::MLDb


 my $mss = DADA::MailingList::Schedules->new({-list => 'listshortname'});


This module holds methods for manipulating the underlying file format used to save schedule mailings for Beatitude. This module uses the MLDBM module to save complex data structures to disk.

Public Methods


  my $mss = DADA::MailingList::Schedules->new({-list => 'listshortname'});

-List has to be a valid listshortname.


        my $key = $mss->save_record(-key   => $s_key, 
                                                                -mode  => 'append', 
                                                    -data  => \%form_vals);

Saves the hashref, -data into key -key. If key is not present, a new key will be made. Information will be appened to old information if -mode is set to append, old information will be most likely be written over if -mode is set to any other value.


 $record = $mss->get_record($key);

Returns a hashref saved in $key


 my @keys = $mss->record_keys;
Returns all records keys.



removes the record, $key.


 my $new_key = $mss->new_key;

Creates a new key, based on the time();


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