NAME DADA::Template::Widgets::Admin_Menu


        use DADA:Widgets::Admin_Menu


This module creates the Admin Menu for the List Control Panel. It also packs data so it can be saved



a pretty private sub, returns 2 references to hashes from saved information and defaults


        my $function_permissions = check_function_permissions(-List_Ref => \%list_info, 
                                                                                                                  -Function => $args{-Function});
                if ($function_permissions < 1){


                $admin_menu  = DADA::Template::Widgets::Admin_Menu::make_admin_menu('superuser');

                $admin_menu  = DADA::Template::Widgets::Admin_Menu::make_admin_menu('user',\%list_info);

If the superuse is specified, all menu items will be active, if not, what will be active will be determined by the \%list_info (the settings)

this returns an html menu.


print make_feature_menu(\%list_info);

creates a form to allow you to turn on and off features of the admin menu


        foreach(@params){$param_hash{$_} = $q->param($_);}      
        my $save_set = create_save_set(\%param_hash); 
        my %new_info = (list => $list, admin_menu => $save_set);

creates a packed string to save admin menu information, The format is really weird,

take mi word for it.


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