Dada Mail Changelog for version 3.x.x


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These changes are between 3.0.0 RC 1 and 3.0.0

Changes 3.0.0

Support Site URL Change

Mention of, has been changed to,

Bug Fixes 3.0.0

3.0.0 - RC 1

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These changes are between 3.0 beta 3 and 3.0.0 RC 1

Changes 3.0.0 RC 1

Bug Fixes 3.0 RC 1

3.0 Beta 3

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These changes are between 3.0 beta 2 and 3.0 beta 3

Changes 3.0 Beta 3

Mailing Monitor

Major changes have been enacted in the mailing monitor.

The index screen on the mailing monitor now has separate columns for:

The mailing monitor also now sorts the mailouts in the order they were created, instead of their line in the queue. The line in queue method was actually crtically confusing (even to me).

The mailing monitor also handles, ``Broken'' mailouts better. There were a few notable problems with the previous revision, including:

Along with these problems, a lack of notice about a broken mailing plagued the entire interface - probably because of wishful thinking that a mailout would NEVER become broken. Proper feedback should now be in place, in the mailing monitor index, individual mailing monitor screens, as well as the detailed and nerdy printout.

Mailing Monitor, continued...

Much work has also been done with the mailing monitor, to deal with broken mass mailings. If a mass mailing is seen as broken, it's now also, ``paused'' to move it out of the way of the mail queue.

Feedback is terribly wanted to make sure the mailing monitor and coupled auto-pickup functionality is working for you - so let us know!

Mailing Monitor responsiveness

The responsiveness of the, pause and resume buttons, as well as seeing if a mailing is queued should be a bit better now, as the status of the mailouts is checked before a batch is begun and after a batch begins. (before it was only afterwards). Queueing, I want to say, was never checked after a mailout began, which really is a bug.

The individual mailing monitor screens also have a way to turn off the auto-refresh, which can be annoying, if you're attemting to read the, ``Verbose Sending Information'' in the screen itself;

CPAN module Juggling

The included group of CPAN modules known as, MIME-Tools was downgraded in Dada Mail from version 5.426 to version 5.420. One of the reasons was that versions above 5.420 require Perl, version 5.8 to run and we're still spec'ing Dada Mail to be able to run on Perl, version 5.6. Another reason is the newest version has major conflicts with other bundled CPAN modules, as well as site-wide Perl modules, installed from CPAN. It's quite a headache.

blog_index.cgi Plugin

The blog_index.cgi plugin has been refreshed and allows you to now embed the HTML it creates via a javascript library, or as straight HTML. A new menu item in the Admin Contol Panel has been added.

``Send a List Message'' API

The API used in the, ``Send a List Message'' screen has been introduced in an... introductory manner, in the, Integrating Dada Mail into other Programs docs:

If there's interest, I'll expand on this topic.


A new variable, $MONITOR_MAILOUTS_AFTER_EVERY_EXECUTION was introducted. If set to, 1, Dada Mail will call the same code as it does in the Mailing Monitor and scripts in the mail.cgi script itself, after its finished with whatever else it has to do.

See also:

List Control Panel Menu Enhancements

The List Control Panel's Admin Menu menu items have been tweaked.

The top level title, Customize Feature Set has been moved below a new top level title, Manage List Control Panel. Underneith this same title is a new menu item labeled, Options

Customize Feature Set Changes

The option, Grey Out Disabled Screens still greys out the titles on the lost control panel's admin menu, but the text is now clickable. Clicking these links will give you an error page, telling the user they don't have access to this screen.

The order of some of the menu items have also changed. Most notably, the, Plugins and, Extensions items have been moved to be before the, ``About Dada Mail'', ``Logout'' and, ``Log Into Another List'' items.

New Admin Screen: Manage List Control Panel - Options

Currently, it's only functionality is to enable and disable FCKeditor support. This new setting currently does not affect Beatitude (but should).

Bug Fixes 3.0 Beta 3

Open Bugs 3.0 Beta 3

This bug has been added to the, ``KNOWN ISSUES'' list, as no workaround can be found at present.

3.0 Beta 2

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These changes are between 3.0 beta 1 and 3.0 beta 2

Changes 3.0 Beta 2


The Beatitude-Specific Plugin Config, FCKeditor_Support param has been removed.

Dada Mail Admin Menu

The left hand side admin menu now shows how many mailouts per list, and per Dada Mail install, iin the, ``Monitor Your Mailings'' menu item

Dada Mail Queueing Notifications

There are now messages on top of the, Send a List Message, Send a Webpage and Send a List Invitation screens to let you know if the limit of individual mass mailings has been reached and if the message you're about to send will be queued. This is to help any confusion about why messages don't go out right away.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes seem to be fixed, but are still labeled as, Pending in the BugTraq


Mail Sending

Dada Bridge


Mystery Girl (Bounce Handler)

Multiple Subscribe Extension Extension

Note: This extension is currently deprecated.